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Knockendurrick – OBJECT NOW!

Banks Renewables have submitted Further Environmental Information on their proposed changes to the Knockendurrick development near Twynholm.  Documents can now be viewed on the council website and comments submitted until 5pm on Thursday 29th June 2017.

Although Banks have reduced the height of the turbines from 7 x 132m turbines to 6 x 115m and 1 x 100m to tip, the development would still have significant landscape and visual impacts.

The Dumfries and Galloway Wind Farm Landscape Capacity Study, which states that “There is no scope for siting the large (>80m)  typology (turbines) within this landscape due to the scale of these foothills and their likely  prominence from adjacent sensitive landscapes”, is quite clear that this development is in the wrong location.

Below is an approximation of how the proposal could look…..


The refusal of the California, Mayfield, Barcloy Hill and Chapman’s Howe developments in recent years strongly supports local policies.  If Knockendurrick were approved it would be particularly visible across large areas to the south, west and east which is the heart of D & G’s main tourist area and it would significantly weaken local policies.

We need as many people as possible to object individually to this scheme as Banks have been very active collecting support and many people have no idea exactly what they are supporting or how the proposal is contrary to local planning policies.

Please help us to protect our landscapes and tourism industry, by objecting before 5pm on Thursday 29th June and passing the message on to as many people as you can and asking them to object too.

Sample Objection Letter

Select and copy the text below the horizontal line and paste it into a new email – then add this addrerss on the TO: line


or post it by conventional mail to:

Head of  Planning and Regulatory Services

Dumfries and Galloway Council

Kirkbank House

English Street



You can add or delete text as you like! Just insert your address, the date and then your name at the end. Remember if two or more people sign the same objection it will only count as one so please sign and send in individually.


Your Address


Dear Planning Officer,

Planning Ref No 13/P/2/0284 – Erection of 6 x 115m & 1 x 100m turbines and associated infrastructure at Knockendurrick, Glengap, nr Twynholm.

I OBJECT to the Knockendurrick Wind Farm for reasons set out below:

Approval would set a precedent for this area and potentially open it up to further developments with future repowering to bigger towers and blades.

Although there has been a reduction in height, the DGWLCS is clear that the size and scale of the proposed turbines are inappropriate for the designated landscape and the surrounding landscape character areas.

There would still be significant adverse visual impacts on The Fleet Valley National Scenic Area, the adjacent Regional Scenic Area, important viewpoints, settlements, tourist routes and archaeological monuments/assets.

There are approximately 30 properties within 2 km of the site and for many, the development could be visually overwhelming.  Local people face a loss of amenity and a potential threat from noise with possible consequences for their health and quality of life.

There could be adverse effects on wildlife/biodiversity through displacement and increased mortality, particularly in relation to red kite.

This application fails to meet criteria in a wide range of planning policies & guidance including —Scottish Planning Policy (SPP169), Local Development Plan (OP1, IN1, IN2 Part 1 NE1 and NE2), Supplementary Guidance and the Dumfries and Galloway Windfarm Landscape Capacity Study.

Any short-term economic gains from this scheme will be outweighed by the long term losses to the highly valued landscape in the heart of Dumfries and Galloway’s popular tourist area.

I hope that this application will be refused.

Yours faithfully,